Maternity Shopping Tips

You don’t always have to buy in the maternity section to look good while sporting a huge baby bump. I’ve found just focusing on a few different things can help you find a holiday party dress, or whatever you are looking for in the “regular” clothing sections as well!

1. Buy one size bigger. You don’t always have to buy something designed specifically for maternity. Sometimes just a size or two bigger will do the trick!

2. Look for stretchy materials and loose waists. This is my biggest change since I used to ONLY buy dresses with fitted waists.

3. Ruching, paired with a slightly stretchy material, can be very flattering and provide a little bit of extra room.

4. Focus on your assets: My legs are still pretty slim (so far, anyway) so I don’t shy away from short skirts during pregnancy as long as the rest of the dress or outfit is modest. Tights and stockings can be a big confidence booster during pregnancy, too, since you might, like me, have veins that are more visible than usual, especially if you were used to tanning before your pregnancy. I always counted on a good tan to mask veins, bruises and cellulite! lol.

Here are a few examples, available at!