Diet Confessions

Hey guys!

Here’s a clipping from the recent issue of OK! Magazine. I talk all about my diet and cravings! Here’s some of the Q&A below:

Healthiest thing I’ve eaten all week:
A green smoothie. I’ll take greens— either spinach, kale or collards— and blend them with water, then add fruit.

My go-to comfort food:
I love cheese. I love different hard cheeses to snack on. I love pizza with cheese. Cheese is my trap.

Least healthy thing I’ve eaten all week:
A bean-and-cheese-burrito— because I’m pregnant, it’s the last fast food I have any taste for.

Food I can’t stop eating:
Fun finger foods. A big plate of chicken fingers and fries is just so easy to keep picking on forever.

I’d love to know some of your confessions too! Least healthy thing you’ve eaten all week?