What I’m Watching: Wolf On Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street is a great movie! A lot of people complain that it’s long, but I don’t mind if a movie is long as long as it’s good. The ensemble isn’t quite as well-rounded as American Hustle, but DiCaprio and Jonah Hill are hilarious and riveting. I also enjoyed watching the fashions of the early 90′s used in this film because they don’t idealize the styles like movies usually do but use the real stuff from the 90′s. I remember from my childhood the hideous many shades of horrible acid washes (that are on full display in this movie) but walking down memory lane with these awful clothes was hilarious and kept the style of the movie real. However, I would have enjoyed seeing more over-the-top fantasy ensembles on Margot Robbie’s character. I would have loved seeing her done up in the most glamorous (a la Sharon Stone in Casino) that the early 90′s had to offer-more Versace and Gaultier please! (I saw a little bit of it on her but not enough!)