Jun 03, 2016

Diary of a Book Tour

by Holly Madison | Lifestyle, Writing | 3Comments


  1. Love you Holly! Me and my momma came to your book signing in Minnesota, and it was so weird and amazing. You looked so REAL. Haha, of course you would! We’ve loved you since back in the day! (Except now we’re less blinded by the sugarcoat, thanks for that!) Your first book was so inspiring for me and my mom in many different ways and I value you so much for sharing your experiences. We were going to say all this in person but seriously, we were stunned to even be standing with you. It’s been amazing to follow you on your journey and thanks again for telling us a story in your words. Whenever you feel down or the media’s being a dick, just know you are loved!
    Also, I hope baby Rainbow likes her sheep!

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