Daddy Post: Daughter Father

Here’s a picture of Pasquale when he was little. I think Rainbow looks like him!

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Baby Gift Guide

If you have a baby and can’t decide what to get him or her for the holidays (babies are usually more impressed with the boxes and wrapping paper their first Christmas), here are a few recommendations from me-some of Rainbow’s favorite things and a few things I picked out for her this year:

1. The Sesame Street Clap Your Hands book-Rainbow is fascinated by this Elmo hand puppet in a book. (Yeah I admit, I’ve been working on my Elmo impression) she loves books and this one is her favorite right now!

2. I found this Green Toys dump truck at Whole Foods-I love it not only because it’s made from recycled materials but it’s he first time I’ve noticed a dump truck marketed towards girls-so cute.

3. They are kind of spendy for a stuffed toy, but the Pygmy Puff for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is worth picking up for the baby in your life. Rainbow loved this sturdy little plush.

4. The Baby Einstein musical turtle toy is a mom’s best friend-if I need to divert Rainbow’s attention for a few minutes, this is the secret weapon I use!

5. One of Rainbow’s favorite things to play with is a miniature wagon filled with alphabet blocks-a great two in one toy

6. It’s about that time-at none months, Rainbow is ready for a walker! I bought her one similar to the one below-I can’t wait to see her use it! 

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Wellness Wednesday: Sweet Treat

Faux dessert: If you are like me, you crave something sweet after dinner or before you go to bed. I found this tea, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, that tastes sweet, has no calories and no artificial sweeteners. Enjoy!

Go Gisele!

Major props to Gisele for sharing her instagram pic while breastfeeding her baby during a photo shoot. She’s definitely braver than I was. I think it would be great if people got more used to seeing a woman breast feed, and that wasn’t such an uncomfortable thing. It’s such a natural process. She’s a super mom and I support her!

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