Holly Madison - ohana restaraunt

We made our annual trip to Ohana, one of my favorite restaurants!

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Butter Beer at Starbucks!


I’m eating super healthy all day to make up for this BUTTER BEER I got at Starbucks! It’s a part of the secret menu and not everyone knows about it so be sure to bring this recipe along with you when you order if you want to try this Harry Potter inspired delight! It’s only available during holiday season because it uses the holiday Toffee Nut syrup.

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Yummy Desserts!

Cherry Pie

I am dying to try this bite-sized cherry pie recipe-I’m definitely adding it to my thanksgiving dessert menu, along with my usual pumpkin and apple pies. http://www.adventuressheart.com/2011/08/mini-cherry-pies.html?m=1

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