From Daddy: Rainbow Stylin’

Holly Madison - Rainbow socks

He loves Rainbow’s new owl socks!

Caught With Rainbow!
Holly Madison - Eating with Rainbow at Buca di Beppo
Here I am with Rainbow eating meatballs at Buca di Beppo! Read More »
Rainbow's Favorite Outfit
Holly Madison - Rainbow In Favorite Outfit
Cute and comfy! Read More »
Rainbow's First...
Holly Madison - Rainbow's First Meeting
Business meeting! Read More »

Princess Post: Vintage Disneyland Cafeteria

Holly Madison - Disneyland Cafeteria

How do you like this photo of the Disneyland employee cafeteria in 1961?

Baby Vintage Find
I love this new vintage find for the baby's nursery! Read More »
Designer Disney
Princess fashion! Read More »
A Magical Day at Disneyland!
Holly Madison - Rainbow's First Trip to Disneyland
Rainbow goes to Disneyland for the first time! Read More »

My New Diet!

Holly Madison - ediet diet

I am excited to announce today the Official Launch of my Holly Madison Diet on @eDiets. My diet is safe for pregnant and nursing moms and those looking to lose weight! Meals, recipes, built-in nutrition and fitness trackers! This has been my secret on how I stayed healthy during pregnancy and post pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy Diet
Holly Madison Healthy While Pregnant Green Smoothie Recipe
My go-to green smoothie! Read More »
My Diet Confessions
I share some of my favorite splurges and indulgences. Read More »
Pregnancy Diet
Holly Madison Healthy While Pregnant Green Smoothie Recipe
I share how I'm staying healthy throughout my pregnancy! Read More »

What I’m Reading: The Hunger Games

Holly Madison - The Hunger Games

I just started reading The Hunger Games (I know, I’m so late to the party) and I love it! I was always trying to figure out where in relation to today’s North America, the places in the book are located. I found this great map that gives an idea of where Panem’s districts lie.

Movie Makeup!
Holly Madison Shares Makeup Inspiration from Oz The Great and Powerful
I love the makeup done on Oz The Great and Powerful! Read More »
Rainbow's Nursery Mural
Holly Madison Painting Rainbow's Nursery Mural
Final finished painting Rainbow's nursery! Read More »