Holly Madison
Jul 10, 2016

Easy Ways to Look Your Best Pregnant

by Holly Madison | Lifestyle, Motherhood | 6Comments


  1. Im on my fourth baby and found this to be very helpful. You are a sexy woman that makes being pregnant still appealing. Thank you for your great advice .

  2. Awesome article! X would love some breastfeeding style tips for after baby is born as that is something I’m struggling with at the moment

  3. Hi Holly, I just loved your suggestions on what to wear and do when p.g. The funny thing is, I am too old to be pregnant but really love your style and glamour and read whatever you put out there for us to read. I would love for you to tell us how you get in shape after the baby. What do you eat, what type of exercise program you go on. We your devoted fans from The Girls Next Door and your own show gave us an inside look of what glamour is all about. I know I speak for a lot of ladies. So how about it Holly, launch another of one of your famous books for us! I know it will be a success!! Show us about your makeup tricks, hair styling, and tanning techniques. Oh, I just can’t wait until this book comes out!!!

      1. Would love to see some YouTube video tutorials on the subjects she referenced above!!! I’m currently prego with # 4!!!! And the aftermath of each has left me feeling like a completely different person – outside and in!
        Stay gorgeous Saphire!! xoxo

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