Jun 17, 2016

Family Time With Busy Schedules — Key Lessons I’ve Learned

by Holly Madison | Business, Lifestyle, Motherhood | 6Comments


  1. I am so excited to be reading your articles! I think you are an amazing writer, mother, wife, and all around beautiful person. You inspire me daily with your Twitter and Instagram posts and I look forward to more articles by you! I even named my three month old daughter after you – baby Madison! And lastly, thank you for this reminder to make my family my first priority. Taking care of Madison, I sometimes forget to be present with my husband and I think that is so important. Can’t wait for your next article and next book! ✨⭐️⭐️✨

  2. Holly I just want to say you’re such an inspiration and living proof of a dedicated, highly successful working mum. I have just finished reading your second book over here in the UK and loved it! (I think you should consider doing a book signing over here in the future!) from across the pond, thank you x

  3. Hey holly,
    Yes totally agree, it’s so hard to not feel that mum guilt when you think “I will just finish this real quick and be right there” … I find little things like putting the phone on charge out of sight and going outside is a great help.

    A change of scenery is sometimes fun for little things like have breakfast outside instead of inside one day a week, or eat dinner on the patio for example and turn television off and play music, the atmosphere can make such a difference!

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