Apr 18, 2016

Game of Thrones: A Fantasy Where Women are Real

by Holly Madison | Lifestyle, Writing | 1Comments


  1. I agree 100 percent. Game of Thrones is a fantastic piece of art. Both the book and television adaptation are wonderfully, full of strong females.
    I love George’s response as well!
    I also love and agree with your opinion of Queen Margery and The Lady Olenna! I enjoy how the show has differed from the books in showing Margery’s motives, ambitions and strength. Giving her a point of view is all around is great.
    Of Course who doesn’t love Dani! I really liked what you said about just asking “What would Dani Do?’.

    Very nice article Holly!

    P.S. I enjoyed your last two Books a lot. “Down The Rabbit Hole” was a wonderful read! The “Alice in Wonderland” theme was insanely, cute, clever, and quirky, as was the entire book. Thank you so much for sharing and being your awesome self! I can not wait to read the new one, “The Vegas Diaries”. I adore the Wizard of Oz theme. (The MgM grand was the first hotel I ever stayed at, 🙁 back when it had the yellow brick road. Plus that’s one of my Momma’s and my favorite stories.) Also, I just purchased a place in Las Vegas for a “Fresh Start”. I’m originally from Southern California. I moved to Kentucky when recession hit, in my early 20’s. I was there for about 8 years. After my Mother’s passing and entirely too much time in a small town, I recently decided it’s time too move back out West. Wanting a fresh start, I picked Las Vegas. I’m about to be living it up and finding myself as a single Lady, in My late 20’s, in Las Vegas. (Woot Woot)! 😛
    I did’not even realize it was similar to your story until recently, when I read your book “The Showgirl Next Door: Holly Madison’s Las Vegas”. (Thanks for the tips lady.)
    Keep up the great work! You are truly an inspiration to me! I wish you luck in all of your endeavors. I can’t wait to see what unique, wonderful, fantastic piece of artwork you come up with next. (Besides the new Book and Baby)
    PS. Congratulations! <3
    Peace & Love

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