Holly Madison
Jul 27, 2016

How to Make Vaccine Appointments a Little Easier

by Holly Madison | Lifestyle, Motherhood | 7Comments


  1. Agree with all! My twin boys are the same. They do like getting stickers/rewards afterwards. Grateful that the crying usually only lasts less than a minute. One of my boys was recently hospitalized and needed an IV as well as blood tests (so much worse!). We have follow up visits now and he always asks whether he will be getting poked. My poor dude. Congrats on your baby boy! Boys are the sweetest.

  2. Well done.
    Good to see a pro vaccine celebrity for a change. You do have a positive influence on the community.

  3. Holly – what an amazing woman and mother you are! Your truly inspiring and have the biggest heart❤️! What a blessing to the world you are!! As a grandmother that has had to step in and raise…. along with proudly adopting three of my grandchildren, has discover new advice , suggestions and tips in the world we live in is a blessing welcomed and thankful for them!! Thanks for your blog on this topic, I can assure you, you’ve helped many parents and grandparents rethink in tackling the subject of shots! Congrats to your new addition to the family! A healthy and so adorable son!!
    God Bless and much Love to each of you! xoxo

  4. When my daughter was getting those awful first year shots, someone advised us to blow into baby’s face as a distraction from the shot. IT WORKED! She barely shed a tear and was more perplexed about the swift wind in her face than the pain of the vaccination.
    I doubt we’ll have such luck now that she’s older but it sure did help when she was tiny:)

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